Friday, March 06, 2009

The need for speed! DONKEYFISH!!. Plus Jade's crappie kingdom.

Rattle baits. We use the Savage Gear Rattle Shad. A Rattle Trap or a Rattling Rap would also do the trick.
Bring em in fast in 40 degree water. Bring them in so fast that you think nothing could possibly want to hit it in that cold water. This water was still partially iced a week ago.
The result:

It isn't a numbers game. It's a trick to piss off the biggest fish ( or the craziest fish) in the area. Remember...the big fish have to eat first...and they got that way by NOT letting something go by quickly without eating it.
I also fought and lost a largemouth that was substantially larger than that smallie. Plus got another one around 16", one about 12" and lost another one about 15".
Oh...and the ones I caught had that 3" bait all the way in the mouth...all 4 hooks. They can swim WAY faster than you can reel it in, trust me.

Also, Doug got on the board with his first fish of 09'! Nice one Doug. He was throwing a shallow Shad Rap in an area of fast incoming warmer water....which is exactly where you'd be if you were in a 40 degree lake, right? All makes sense now, doesn't it?

So...FAST baits or twitched cranks. Rattles. Incoming water that is at least 1 degree warmer than the rest of the water. And really is that simple.

A big thumbs up to Ken Schumacher. The host with the most!

<*)))))))))< ~~~~~~~~~

And now, the southern report from Jade Miller:
I am in northern Alabama just south of the TN border. I would give it 1 to 2 weeks before the same action begins in northern Illinois.. Our water temp is barely in the 50s if that. We got snow last week. Watch for the dogwoods to bloom. Next week here should be even better.
Find brush piles. Use 1/32 to 1/16 oz jigs with either small tubes or maribou grubs. Need to have a little chartruese. I have had one rod with a jig and the other with a float with a couple of split shot and a #6 aberdeen with a small minnow. Double the action.



And last but not, you might want to check this out. That's all I'm saying. CLICK HERE No, we don't know her. We don't advocate her. We have no idea who she is and honestly I didn't even read the site.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

HOLY #%$@!!!!!!! 4-13-08

Mike and i had some very limited time yesterday so we ran over to Lake W. For those who are new to the reports, lake W is a large retention pond that is about 25' deep, 100 acres, and has several storm drain pipes coming into it as well as a crrek. There is always a current to be found as this small lake could technically be classified as a flowage. So when you hear us talk about Lake W, all you need to do is find a retention pond that fits the bill. And they are EVERYWHERE! Just look around your neighborhood.

We threw a few different lures in the half hour we fished. I got 2 average size bass (13-15") on a Rapala Husky jerk (twitch,twitch,twitch...just like i wrote in previous reports). I also got one on a Lucky Craft Pointer (again...twitch twitch.).
BUT..the King Of The Ring was yet again Savage Gear's Rattle Shad!!
We concentrated on an incoming pipe that had water pushing out of it at high speed due to the recent rains. The bass were lined up waiting for anything to move.
Here's a couple shots of the dozen or so fish we caught in 30 minutes.
Now go find some incoming water and fish within 10' of the flow. Trust're gonna score right now! These fish don't really care about the cold front. They know exactly ONE thing now: Feed and get ready to spawn.

The monster largemouth and the monster smallmouth were caught by Mike on back to back consecutive casts! He was using the technique of holding the bait in the current and letting the water do the work.

This is a shot of Mike's monster largemouth being held by me. I'm posting this just to give it a different perspective in relation to size. let me stress that I DID NOT catch it. Mike was king of the hill yesterday. I'm not even gonna bother putting up my shots because they are not impressive next to Mike's.

( We apologize for the use of the camera phone. We had a little mix-up and forgot any one of the 3 cameras we use. Basically we were rushing and totally clowned it! Lesson to us all, eh?)

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Monday, March 03, 2008

3-1-08. Customfish TV is on the air!

Happy March everyone.
We have a couple new things we're going to be doing this year.
How about this? CUSTOMFISH TV!
Yep. It's happening. The first installment is in the can.
All the episodes are going to be right here. So check back often. We don't believe in set schedules.
We're going to show you alot. What we do. How we fish. And some stuff that just shouldn't be on video.
Sure Jimmy Houston gives his little fishies a kiss. But have ya ever seen anyone lick one???
Ya see where I'm going with this?

First up is going to be us freezing our a$$es of this past saturday. Luckily the fish cooperated and it's not just shots of Mike slipping the tongue to a fish, or Mike trying to quit smoking with the help of a cheese stick.
Our fish totals were pretty good. While everyone else is sitting on their butts inside we were out there catching a mix of smallmouth, largemouth and hybrid greengills. The biggest catches were a couple of 18" largemouth and a monster 16"+ crappie that one of the attending anglers caught.


PLUS..We're toying with the idea of some new apparel. Kinda in a different direction. After seeing the new breed of anglers at the shows in the past few years, it ocured to us that a new "look" in the sport may be needed. Something that reflects the general attitude of the 20-30 year old anglers who talk to us at the booth.
This is the rough draft of one of our own hand drawn pieces. We'll let you know when it goes into production. Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

Copyright 2008 by Jamie Riani
( Don't even think about lifting it :) . We track everything here.)

In other news:
I got the opportunity to watch a few fishing shows this weekend. Normally I stay away from fishing shows for 3 reasons. 1) We're "inside" the fishing business. So we know for every muskie you usually see caught on a fishing show by a "pro", there was about a week's worth of footage of him casting into nothingness. Plus I know of a couple "pros" that have people pre-fish spots for them and save them fish. That doesn't take skill at all. ( yes Bob..I was blatantly talking about YOU right there.). and #2) I HATE tournaments. Especially springtime tournaments where these guys are fishing bass off their beds and then taking them to a weigh in station miles away. And again, we're "inside" the business and know a few tournament anglers who we wouldn't have in our homes. So basically I'd rather watch Mike lick a fish than watch most of these guys yank a fish out of the water and flop it on the deck.
And lastly) We are either working, fishing, or spending time with our kids. Those three things trumps any fishing show unless we're on it. And even then we missed the last one.
So anyway, I got to watch Beat Charlie Moore. I like Charlie. Sure he's dodging me like a head-high fastball. He wants no part of this. Who would? Especially for a TV show. What? ESPN is gonna show their star getting his a$$ handed to him on his own show by the likes of us??
Next I watched The World's Greatest Fishing Show with Mark Zona. Thank God he has Pete Maina on who happens to be in the same circle of circus performers as us. Otherwise I might have changed the channel. I'm sure Mark is a nice guy and feely admits to not being the best angler or the best host..but c'mon! He's from this area and didn't know a thing about muskies?? I dunno..Zona just kinda irritates me anyway. I thought I was loud and obnoxious! I may very well be. But I also have enough calss to know not to bash the Packers while IN Pete's boat ON Green Bay.
Later that morning I caught some of the Musky Hunter TV Show. I liek the show but HATE the time slot. We just can't seem to be freed up at that time of a saturday morning.,fish,kids, all that stuff. But still, a great show. Hopefully you guys all caught Customfish Pro-Staffer John Mich on last week's episode.

John Mich with a Customfish muskie, seen on Musky Hunter TV.
It was great to see the video-catch-footage of a fish that we at Customfish put on the wall.
And finally, it's random picture time!
WWW.CUSTOMFISH.COM is all about the pictures. And man-o-man do we put up some good ones!
We have literally thousands of shots. So many that we have to host them on seperate hard drives.
So...we're starting something new for 2008. Random Picture Time!
We start with these 2.
I call this one "The Hot Seat"
It's an unaltered shot. No photoshopping. No cloning. Nothing. Just the right angle with the camera, a bench and a fire 6' apart.

And this one we call "Burro with a dish"
This is a trailer along side the Fox River. Mike and I hit this spot once a week on our usual milk run aboard his boat. that wall is a great smallie spot.
BUT....more importantly, the Burro Camper has a satelite dish.
What is this world coming to, we ask?

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