Saturday, April 18, 2009

4-18-09 instant report

Only had a half hour to fish so I ran out to the back yard. Took 2 lures. A Savage Gear Rattle Shad and a Salmo Bullhead.
When you have limited time, only take a couple "go to" lures. Use one for 15 minutes then use the other for 15 minutes. Sometimes the lack of time to fish makes you really think about what you are doing and how to catch something fast.

Oh and here's some bonus fish from the other day.

Name that fish and win a prize.

* Editors note:
We got a comment the other day but we not able to publish it. To the reader we apologize but we have a policy here of never naming an exact lake. It's the tactics that are important ,not the lake itself. Our tactics are being used by us on 6-9 different lakes at any given time. Plus....the place that was named is incorrect anyway. We were in western Kane County in an industrial complex.


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