Friday, March 27, 2009

Pat gets hooked to a shark.

This is from Customfish reporter Pat Halko.

Read the story...but then watch the video as Pat gets his foot hooked to a hammerhead and lives to tell us about it:

10lb jack as bait, 200 yards off the beach. Normally we get all our big sharks after dark but this run happened an hour before dark. The day before we had lost a big hammer and we could tell right away we had another one on. Hammerheads tend to fight on the surface and we could see the big dorsal fin of this shark hundreds of yards out during the fight. About 45 minutes on 80lb test with the drag as tight as it could possibly go and we were rewarded with this guy. Of course I forgot that instead of using one 20/0 hook like we usually do, this particular day we put 2 hooks in the bait both with separate 6 foot wire leaders. As soon as I grabbed the shark he turned his head my direction which threw the hook right into the side of my foot. The initial sharp pain actually made me think I had stepped on a stingray until I felt the wire alongside my foot. 36 seconds in the video you can see my right leg suddenly get pulled out from under me. Luckily I didnt fall over or the shark would have been able to pull me out to sea. If I would have let go of the tail I would have been in deep trouble. Anyways 20 seconds of adrenaline go by before I ripped the hook out of my foot as hard as I could barb and all. I can still feel every head shake that shark made as he pulled my leg with him burying the hook deeper into my bone. But luck was on my side and we ended up putting a great shark on the beach and I have a great memory of getting in the water with one of the greatest predators alive.


Holy CRAP!!!!
I guess when you have that much adrenaline you don't even feel reaching down and pulling out a shark hook from your foot.
Nice going Pat!!

( Note* The shark was released)


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