Saturday, March 21, 2009

General Zod strikes again!

40 degrees out. It was 23 the night before. Huge monster coldfront moved in and took over what was previously mid 70's degree temperatures.
Oh..oh...the fish couldn't be there STILL!! Oh my..they just couldn't Auntie Em!

Listen up! I'm gonna say this YET again! The fish gotta eat and they gotta eat NOW! What..ya never heard of ice fishing?? They eat then don't they?

So Ken and i meet up. he's got like 15 minutes to fish. he only needed like 15 seconds!! he takes three casts with his patented secret weapon ( Senko straight rigged on a Sliderhead...ya ya ya..we know already! Just beat us like red headed step children and get it done with already, Ken!".
So anyway he takes THREE casts!
And whammo!
I wasn't even out of the car yet! I look over and see his pole doubled over as he's pullin' one off the rock wall!

So...I had to fish another 90 minutes to finally connect but right at sundown ( the witching hour) I threw that red rattle trap down the lee ward shoreline of a main lake point ( right where this fish is supposed to be) burned it in as fast as I could reel, and WHAMMO!! Ten feet in front of me I tie into 20" of angered goodness!

It's 40 out. The wind is blowing 20 from the south eat. It's a massive cold front. I'm wearing 3 layers.


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