Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fishing is like a box of chocolates....

Ya never know what you're gonna get.

Largemouth bass slamming a Savage Gear Rattle Shad in a ditch that hooks up to the main lake.

A big Yellow Bass and a big Crappie that nailed a small floating Rapala on a main lake rock point. (twitch, twitch, twitch...BANG!)

A nice surprise. A big walleye that was working a school of shad on that same main lake rock point. This post-spawn female slammed a Savage-Gear Prey115 at the edge of the rock point after just 2 twitches.

And finally one of a couple of smallies that nailed the same Prey115 on the rock point. Everything was using the rock point and pinning shad against it's walls. The pattern was pretty easy to figure out just by watching the water explode every other minute as another predator drove a shad to the surface and unloaded on it.

Not bad for 90 minutes.
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*****UPDATE! Cinco De Mayo hotter-than-a-hobanero-pepper-on-a-taco report from Rock Island, Mississippi, Il.*********
Today the water is down several feet from Friday. In the typical eddy I
managed 5 smallies with the largest at 17". The whites were also in
there, but it was the smallies I was after. Mark had some luck in the
same location yesterday. These smallies are fat. Had fun with
perspective, made a 14" look like a 48". Anything worked. I caught
them today on a 4" finesse minnow, a sassy shad, and a bluefox spinner."

And then there's this one from 5-6-08.
Jesus!! That's a friggin danergous looking bastard, aint it??!

Nice gar from the Mississippi River at Rock Island, il.

******SECOND UPDATE**********
Ok..I'm just gonna add this to the existing post because Jade "The friggin King of The Mississippi" Miller keeps sending me report after report because he has immediate access to one of the hottest smallmouth and white bass fishing holes on the planet.
Listen..somebody just give him his freakin' crown already! And give Mark one too.
Man, I hate those guys!

The official report from lunchtime on 5-6-08
"And the smallies are coming to life.

This morning it was four with the biggest at around 16", a spike fin at that.

At lunch is where it got real interesting. Mark and I headed out at around 1130. I got there first and tagged a fat little 14" on a tube. Mark got there shortly after and hit a nice sized drum. He really has that species down right now. Next I got another small smallie around 14". No real mega dinks so far, all 14 or better this year. A few casts later I got the lures, dual jigs 1/16th oz over an 1/8th oz with a 3" and 4" soft plastic minnow on each respectively, back in to an eddy. Problem was that my line was drapped across a broken corner of a concrette foundation. That was all the big smallie needed to give me a heart attack. I felt the hit thru the line and thought I got a white at first. Turned out to be a nice 18" smallie. Had to climb out on the fence on the foundation to get my line off the corner and then go to free spool to ease the fish in. Mark followed that up with a nice 17" smallie that hit his modified drop shot rig which had a 1/4 oz jig as the weight. We both got a few more smaller smallies and had to get back to work."

Hey..Did I mention that I hate Jade and Mark?
I did?
Just checking.
Signed, Jamie