Friday, May 02, 2008

And the bottom fell out.

Well, hopefully you got out and fished in the past couple of weeks because the bottom just fell out for a while.
Did we catch fish yesterday? Of course we caught fish. Mostly small male largemouth and smallmouth. Mike got one or two respectable size largemouth. I got one smallmouth that went about 16". Other than that it was very tough to crack the 14" mark on anything.

So...bass ( the big females anyway) are thinking about getting their freak on more than anything else. Couple that with a whicked cold front that went thru and eventually thru things in a bit of a tailspin, and you have a day or two where things are just a bit "off".
I have no doubt that there were alot of bass in some of the ditches I covered, but there were also about 1,000 carp in there too. So, while snagging a carp and going for a ride is fun and all, it does get in the way of bass fishing and will drive me right off the spot....which it did.
This weekend we have The Great Wall Of Rain heading right at us. We'll be lucky to fish at all. Temps are gonna take a nose dive in a few hours and bottom out at about 50. Nice,eh?