Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yes. Our fishing reports ARE that damn good.

We see on alot of the forum based sites that there is a lack of reports. Personally we see the whole forum based fishing site craze as being past. A few people got burned by handing out exact spots to the entire Planet Earth and everyone went running for the hills.
Our answer to that is to read this one. Call us an "indie" if you will. There's a few of us around using blogs and giving out ten times more info than anyone else on a forum site.
Don't get me wrong. I love the forum based sites for the generalities. But as far as seeing pictures and really getting into what's happening that day or week, that info just isn't there.
So..without further adieu we give you YET ANOTHER updated report.
If you follow the site you know that we put up posts ASAP when we start attacking fish. And today is no exception. This report is being posted ast 1:45pm. The action you're about to see happened at lunchtime. I doubt that you'll find a faster real-time fishing report.
You all know Captain Jade Miller, our customfish corespondent on the Mississippi in NW Illinois. He reports today that the white bass are juuuuust starting in the last few hours. We'll have more info as Jade keeps fishing.

Now comes a word from Field Corespondent Jim Jozwiak. Illinois Smallmouth Alliance guru who has recently joined the darkside of largemouth fishing and excelled at the art of trophy hunting.
His tactics in the past couple of days are chronicled here.
Joz says:
Shallow running crankbait, fished medium tempo. Basically no brainer if the fish are shallow and happening.

I know that guys can really catch them using a rattle type bait but I prefer a shallow crank for the following.

1. less chance of hanging up.

2. Ability to stop or slow down when needed. I can throw it in 4 inches of water right against a shoreline and let it sit for a bit before I even start cranking. I can throw it in very shallow bays without hanging up, pause it, start it, etc. which is impossible to do with a rattle trap.

3. Extreme vibration and rattle just like a trap.

And yes, Jim Jozwiak ALWAYS wears a collared shirt while bass fishing.