Thursday, April 17, 2008

Savage weather. Savage bass.

We tested out some new Savage Gear stuff yesterday. The weather was TOO extreme for optimum fishing. Winds at 20mph would have been fine. But we had winds pushing 40. Whitecaps everywhere. The water was basically mud in some spots. Basically we think it freaked out the fish to the point where they ran for cover instead of risking riding a wave onto the rocks like a surfer tackling Mavericks.

Rich kinda played the part of "the control" by switching up and using other baits like rattle traps.He only hit fish with an SG bait. Mike and I stuck with the Savage Gear 4-Play (an instant hit) and the Rattle Shad (which is still kickin' ass even when we shoulda been blanked).

I stayed later than Mike and Rich and finally figured out the pattern late in the day. It was the exact opposite of what we had been doing all week. Instead of burning baits the trick was now to hold the rod tip very high and reel in VERY slow so the bass could find the bait in the newly muddied waters. As soon as I changed to a slow retrieve I nailed 4 bass in 4 casts including a monster, plus I missed 2 more on the next few casts. Unfortunately I had to get off the water otherwise I'm sure i could have hit a few more.

Our numbers weren't stellar. But then again with the dozen plus that we got we're pretty happy. We didn't see anyone catching anything except small bluegills.

We are NOT bull****ing you. If something doesnt work we are happy to tell you. if it works we're gonna tell you that too. This stuff WORKS. We have companies (and we'll reveal them too) that WONT give us baits or rods to test because there's a chance that they'll fail and they KNOW we'll write about it.

Stay tuned. Later today we're gonna put up the contact info for you to finally get your hands on this stuff.