Friday, April 18, 2008

April showers mean big friggin fish!

Here's another ultra fast report straight from the water.
With rain storms approaching from the south it was a good bet that the bass would be "on" somewhere in the north shoreline of our home waters. All these were found in an area about 20' x 20' were they had cornered a bunch of shad against the bank during high winds.
The bait of choice? A Savage Gear Rattle Smolt. It's the bait on the top of the chart.

Now keep in mind that we are honest. So I'll tell you that I beat the water for an hour with nothing to show for it until running into the right spot at the right time. In the final 15 minutes I was able to pull off a few miracles. As you'll see by the last photo, there was a wall of hell coming towards me quickly, and I was solo out there.
Is there a lesson to be learned here? Yes. if you are daring (or not too bright. Whatever) you can cash in pretty good when there's a wall of hell coming. Just make sure to get the hell out of there before hell hits. Because hell hath no fury a wall of hell coming at you.

Uh oh! Time to get the hell out of there. Check out that sky.