Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Meanmouth bass one got the right answer to the question.
The correct answer is....*drum roll*... It's a meanmouth bass!
What the hell is a meanmouth bass, you ask? It's a hybrid. A cross between a smallmouth bass and (usually) a spotted bass. There have been a couple hybrids of smallmouth and largemouth bass, also known as meanmouth bass.
Usually these fish are found only in southern waters. But fish get moved here and there by stocking either privately or by the DNR. I'm guessing this stocking was done privately. Non native fish can be found in the strangest places sometimes. Take muskies for example. I can point you to lakes in Colorado as well as Virginia that now host them.
So there ya have it. The next time someone mentions the much fabled meanmouth bass, you can now say that you know of a couple guys who catch them quite regularly.

Jamie with a meanmouth bass