Thursday, June 30, 2005


Mike here with this week's report:

Captain Hee-Haw Paw and first mate Jamie set sail on the White Trash Sunday last night.
My buddies MTV and Willard joined us in their boat and we took them to school. This time we were targetting prime spots only in the hopes to make it down river earlier to the deeper water..
First spot... a double on 16" smallies on the FIRST CAST and then Jamie gets a 17" on his next cast. Unfortunately we found out the batteries on his camera were dead when we went to take the first photo... that's when we knew we were in for a great night. I left my camera in the truck as it was looking like we were gonna get blown off the river in about an hour.
A little drizzle and the big storm evaporated... but the bass were on a feeding frenzy. After almost 2.5 hours, we had only hit 2 spots. They were stacked up..
Results: Captain Hee-Haw-Paw: 6 smallies, 1- LM, no dinks, biggest about 17" (lost/missed 5+)
Jamie: 8 smallies, 1 LM no dinks, LM = 18", SM = 19" (lost/missed 4+)
Caught fish on a variety of baits.. buzz, chugbug, slamo bullhead, mepps, rebel craw, Sugoi.. when they quit hitting we'd switch baits and they'd pick back up.. then when it slowed we'd go back to the buzzer.
Not sure how many the other boat got. I thing MTV got 4 or 5 on a rapala but I do know Willard got the skunk. We even quit fishing and were trying to put John on a fish but by that time the bite had died and we were all just satisfied with having some pops and floating along.
The river is not even flowing. I don't know how the water is making it over the dam. Best night in the White Trash Sunday in years.. ended up with two doubles.... though most of the bass were tan or mud brown.. Jamie did pick up one that was as close to perfect a pattern as you ever saw.
At one point Jamie said "Why would you go to Wisconsin?" Probably the reason the Il Bastardo is still dry docked in Illinois right now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

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And as he sailed thru the air on his last ride thru the skies, a gust of wind caught him.
My heart stopped. My stomach sank. I could see his eyes opened wide as he yelled but to me on his last flight. "JAAAMMMMMIIIEEEeeee...." One single thought went thru my head as I saw him heading for the rocks. " No!..No!......"
I pulled on his life line with all the crack of a bull whip.
It was too late.
Wilson died last night.
I ran to the place where he lay broken across the rocks. I froze. And then panic set in. Like a child lost in a massive department store. I fell absolutely silent. Everything fell absolutely silent as I searched and searched while overturning rocks and frantically kicked stalks over to find the other half of him.
We never found that other half.
Rich was kind with words as I stumbled into disbelief over what had just happened.
" He died how he lived." He said.
A single breeze had taken away all that he was.
He was Paul Bunyan's ox.
He was Marciano's left hook.
He was Germany's Panzer Division.
He was Dangerfield's microphone.
He was Hendrix's Stratocaster.
He was Muddy Waters' mojo.
He was Bogart's fedora.
He was Babe Ruth's bat.
He was Tiger Woods' 3 iron.
He was Baryshnikov's shoes.
He was Keith Moon's drum set.
He was Monet's canvas.
He was Wyatt Earp's Colt.
He had the the respect off all who knew him by the very mention of his name.
And he was mine.
Handed down from my grandfather who knew him before me.
Only to die on rocks. Not even to drown as we both would see fit of each other.
And today I will grieve for a period of 24 hours.
And when those hours are done I shall unleash a reign of terror in his name for 30 days and 30 nights that could only be equalled by Genghis Kahn himself.
And they will know that I have been there by the trail of the wounded. And with each victim I shall remember a time when I took blood and striped it on two sides of his face to remind him that he was indeed the finest warrior I had ever known.
For, victims. Because when the bells ring seven on this very night there will not be one amongst you that shall be safe.
Wilson, I'm sorry. I'm very sorry.
Goodbye my friend.
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Thursday, June 02, 2005

6/1/05 Fox River. & 6/2/05 AM

Jamie here.
Mike and I hit the Fox River last night in his boat. We launched at about 7pm and headed upstream for a half a mile or so to an area that Mike has been fishing for years. Our main baits the we threw were topwater lures like buzzbaits and Chug Bugs. While covering all of Mike's best-kept-secret spots we raised up quite a few smallmouth bass. Mike caught 4 or 5. I got one and a foul hooked carp that I fought for the better part of 15 minutes.

At spot #1 we watched this gentleman fight a monster carp on a dry fly. It was a cool battle to witness.
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Mike was the first one to connect with a good size smallmouth bass that exploded on a Chug Bug as we fished shoreline rocks and small wing dams.

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I tied into a big carp by accident after Mike caught a couple more smallies. It ripped out 100 yards of line a couple times as it made some tremedous power-runs downstream. I got it in after about 15 minutes of a back and forth fight

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Mike nailed a couple more nice smallies as darkness fell.
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And I picked up a nice one that slammed a buzzbait in the last spot of the trip.
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I had a half hour to kill this morning so i ran down to the river to make a couple casts. I only got one...but she was pretty nice. I caught this fish over the weekend as well on a jig & twister set-up. Today she went after a Chug Bug twitched on the surface of the water. That's a real testiment as to how well catch & release fishing works. I'm going to stay away from this spot for a while because I don't want to catch her a third time.....just wouldn't be fair.
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